More Browser Based Games

In the past few years, we have seen an increase in the use of the Internet for day-to-day work. Therefore, on the Internet, you can find an agenda, an encyclopedia, shopping, movies, games and even university classes. This is because the Internet is so accessible to all and reduces the cost of almost everything. This is especially true for games. Consoles are still very popular, but due to the high cost of one video game, more and more people choose games in a web browser that are often free or allow the user to play at the lowest price. Online games can appeal to different people, and on the Internet, there are thousands of web browsers served by various groups of people. These are my top ten games in a web browser.

1. Club Penguin

This MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), owned by Disney, serves a younger audience. In this game, children play different games and games. Club Penguin is designed for children from 6 to 14 years old but is open to all ages. Some parents even admitted that they like to play games.

2. Switch

The social network game SwitchIn is played by teenagers from all over the world. This MMO, translated into eight different languages, combines two concepts: a chat room and a cool 3D online game. Players can dress their character, customize their office, communicate with other players and even ride horses on the beach!

3. Hubbo

Habbo serves both men and women teenagers. This MMO or massively multiplayer online game attracts almost seven million unique visitors every week. Players interact using a personal character and can design a room in a virtual hotel and invest virtual money in providing it.

4. Bejeweled

These puzzles, created in 2001, became so popular that they led to sequels: Bejeweled 2 (2004) and Bejeweled Twist (2008). Beware, very funny, but addictive game!

5. Tribal wars

A game based on the strategy of the browser Tribal Wars is a game established in medieval times. The goal of this game is to lead a small village and let it thrive in a powerful city.

6. Micronikomiya

Not only fun, but Miniconomy is also a very educational game. Strictly speaking, this game is even used in some business schools from the Netherlands and Belgium. The goal of the game is to imitate an economic society, trade, start a career and even create a corporation!

7. Sudoku

Who said that for a successful game you need graphics with high resolution? A popular game based on the game Sudoku makes thousands of people happy every day. Although this was first created more than a hundred years ago, it was not until the end of 2000 that Sudoku became popular. The advantage of Sudoku? You can play online or on paper!

8. DiveIn

Imagine that you are swimming like a creature of the underwater world. Sharks, dolphins and even mermaids are just a few of the many animals with which you can magically transform. Swim and discover a pirate ship and other sea creatures, chatting with your buddies.

9. Neopets

The prettiest game. Take care of the virtual pet, buy them food and toys.

10. Farmville

Designed for Facebook, a popular social networking site, Farmville has become one of the most popular applications. In the game, the player simulates the life of the farmer by planting, growing and harvesting virtual crops and growing livestock.


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